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I went here today because I felt very sick and I'm glad I chose this place. The receptionist was nice and friendly. The provider had a great bedside manner and was a great listener. MA was nice and caring. I would definitely recommend this urgent care to my friends and family. Having such great staffs here means a lot, especially when you're having a really bad day feeling sick...! I was very happy that I left the urgent care feeling significantly better. I have visited many urgent cares, and this place is up on my list. Thank you very much..!!

Kieun K. - 11/26/2019 on Google

I'm so glad this is here. Going to the doctor in Flushing can be a real pain. 2 hour waits, bad service. This place is conveniently located and really clean. I got my flu shot and was in and out in 15 minutes. Highly recommend!

Michael W. - 11/21/2019 on Yelp

Very clean and proper service! No need to wait 2 months to see my usual doctor. Quick, easy and great - would come back again. By the way, I was actually referred by a friend of mine to come here!

Kevin S. - 11/20/2019 on Yelp

Hurt my shoulder working out and went in to get checked. Staff was very friendly and moved quickly to see me. Highly recommended!

Benjamin L. - 11/14/2019 on Yelp

Came in after I hit my head hard and only waited 10 minutes before seen by Dr. Chen. Received an CAT scan and got stitches within the hour. Service was unbelievably quick and easy. If I had gone to the ER it would have been an easy 4 hour ordeal. I will most definitely be back and recommend to all my friends.

Winbin F. - 11/12/2019 on Yelp

My daughter received excellent care here.

Robin F. - 9/28/2019 on Google

I have to say i really like this office setting it was very clean, the staff was great and the doctor was super nice and great with kids. Definitely will be coming back to this urgent care!

Living M. - 8/16/2019 on Google

Wanted to get a checkup but my primary doctor was on vacation. It kind of worked out because if it weren't for that I wouldn't have stumbled across this place. This place is a hidden gem. I only waited a few minutes to see the doctor. Dr Zhang was very thorough and informative. She even googled some images for me for reference. I most definitely would recommend this facility to other people.

Hikaru K. - 07/02/2019 on Yelp

There is a kid friendly room with cartoons, Dr. Zhang is very professional for the kids, our kid refused to see a doctor but had a good time in Healthneed Urgent Care, I am happy we can see the doctor without waiting, the services is closed to perfect, and the clinic is very clean. the second I got a phone call from them, they were following very efficiently.

Rubin C. - 05/21/2019 on Yelp

New facilities, nice staff and doctors, short waiting time. The doctor spent time listening to me and explained what to do and why to do, addressed my concerns thoroughly. Would recommend.

Steven W. - 05/09/2019 on Google

I went there 2 times. Both times there were no waiting time. Their doctors took care of me very well. Run tests. Give advice. Every time they called me asking how I am feeling. Very nice staff. I will be back there if I will need doctor visit.

Anna N. - 05/01/2019 on Google

There was no wait time, and everyone was helpful and kind. Dr. Chen addressed all my medical concerns efficiently. Would recommend

Lily C. - 04/26/2019 on Google

This place is great. The entire Staff - professionals, courteous, kind and they actually care. MELODY AT RECEPTION IS GREAT - very friendly, patient and caring .Andrea and Melody helped me. Only names I know but honestly this is the best urgent care center I have been to

Arya S. - 03/09/2019 on Google

I have been here many times are amazing staff great doctors I'm in and out in a few minutes and I really love how much they are as soon as you walk into the door they greet you.

Amina H. - 01/26/2019 on Google

I got bitten by dog late one night and needed stitches. I went to the Urgent Care where I was seen quickly by Kevin Bong and got two stitches. Overall, it was quick and painless and a much shorter wait than I had expected especially in comparison to an emergency room. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Pachipikachu P. - 12/17/2018 on Google

Super fast service, the entire staff is very kind, and the facility is one of the cleanest and nicest doctor's office I have ever been to! The providers and MA's really take the time to listen to the patients.

Joseph K. - 12/17/2018 on Google

My daughter had a slight fever and our PCP was out of town so we decided to check the place out. After signing in, a doctor was available to see us almost immediately. The check up was very quick and we were in and out within 45 minutes. The facilities looked very clean, and the staff were very professional.

Owen J. - 12/16/2018 on Google

Friendly staff. Quick wait time. They do all tests possible to see what's wrong with you.

Ruby R - 11/28/2018 on Google

Great place, nice front desk staff !! Great attention and they assist you right away. I would definitely recommend this urgent place ;)

Pilar B. - 11/30/2018 on Google

Located conveniently along Main Street, this Urgent Care center is all I can ask for and more. The facility is clean and spacious, and there is little to no wait time. The staff is very welcoming, caring, and professional. They will go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of properly. I give this urgent care my highest recommendations to anyone in need of dependable, expert treatment.

Angell X. - 10/10/2018 on Yelp

Facility is very clean, staff is very friendly, and everything was quick! Thanks again!

Catherine L. - 10/10/2018 on Yelp

I came in since I've been having a cough for about 2 weeks. I work in Queens so didn't have time to stop by my usual doctor. I came in with no appointment but I came in on a Wednesday afternoon; about 1pm or so. It was empty but I saw right away that it was very spacious and clean. I went to the front desk and I was helped right away. They had me fill out two forms (if I remember correctly) and I gave it in. Oh, I also gave my health insurance card and they made a copy of that.

After the forms I was told to wait - it wasn't a long wait but when I was waiting, I helped myself to some water. (So, I didn't cough as much but then I was there for that).

When I was called in I was asked some questions to help them determine what I had. Of course they checked my lungs and everything as well.

Additionally, that night I was called by the doctor that helped me to ask if my condition improved. (I was given cough med and antibiotics) and I was again called the next 2 or 3 days to hear if I was feeling better. That was pretty cool and got the sense they cared and wanted to know if seeing them helped my condition. Maybe it's just me but I don't get those calls often when i do go into the doctors or clinic.

My experience was great and it was fast. Everyone was very helpful and friendly!!

Virginie L. - 10/10/2018 on Yelp

I came to the Urgent Care clinic because of my sudden foot pain. I had little to no wait before being seen by my medical assistant and Dr. Bong. The facility is brand new, clean, and up to date. Dr. Bong was very friendly, informative, and took time to answer all my questions. My symptoms went away after the visit, the medication prescribed to be after only ONE night. I highly recommend this Urgent care to anyone looking for quick, and reliable treatment.

Eric D. - 10/10/2018 on Yelp

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